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Multi-functional smart car is a learning application development system of microcontroller that can be controlled by ADUINO. It has functions of line tracking, obstacle avoidance, Bluetooth remote control etc. This kit contains many interesting programs. It can also be expanded to have external circuit modules to have other functions. This kit is designed to help you interestingly learn Aduino. You can learn Aduino MCU development ability while having fun.


  • Motor parameters: Voltage: 1.5 -12V; shaft length: 10mm; Revolving speed: 6.0V 100rpm/min.
  • Use L298P driver module for motor control.
  • Three-channel line tracking modules, detecting black and white line, high precision, can also be used in fall prevention.
  • Three-channel infrared obstacle avoidance modules makes up the obstacle avoidance sensor, can detect whether there are obstacles ahead.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth wireless module, can remotely control the robot after pairing with mobile phone Bluetooth.
  • Can be connected to external 7 ~ 12V power supply; with various sensor modules, it can realize various functions.
Shipping list:
  1. N20 metal gear motor * 4
  2. High quality tire * 4
  3. Motor holder *4
  4. Car chassis * 2
  5. L298P  motor driver shield * 1
  6.  UNO328 board * 1
  7.  sensor shield * 1
  8. Infrared obstacle avoidance module *3
  9. Line tracking module *3
  10. HC-06 Bluetooth module * 1
  11. Toggle switch * 1
  12. 14500 battery pack * 1
  13. 3PIN Dupont wires * 6
  14. 27MM Copper bush * 4
  15. 10MM Copper bush * 2
  16. 3MM screws and nuts * several

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